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Cumin Seeds

Botanical name: Cuminum cyminum
Family Name: Apiaceae
Common name: Cumin, Cummin

Cumin is one of the most popular cooking spices in the whole world. Usually, cumin seeds are used in cooking especially in the Middle East, India and Mexico. Cumin is aromatic, spicy and a little sweet. No one can assume that the small cumin seed can give a punch of beautiful flavor and smooth aroma, which can be described as penetrating and peppery.

Properties: It contains up to 4% essential oil.

It contains up to 4% essential oil.
Worldwide cumin seeds are used in cooking. It has made into the stellar position of Indian, Middle Eastern and Mexican cooking. To bring out the fullness of cumin aroma and flavor, lightly roast whole cumin seeds before using them in a recipe. It also can be used by making a powder of cumin seeds.

Cumin also has an ancient history as a medicinal plant. In Ayurvedic Medicine, a decoction of cumin can be taken as a cooling drink in the hot summer. In traditional herbal medicine, cumin tea (dry seeds boiled in hot water) is used as a diuretic and to treat stomach upset and flatulence.
Cumin seeds are not only used to prepare food. It also contains many health benefits. Cumin seeds are an excellent source of iron; a very good source of manganese; and a good source of calcium, magnesium, phosphorus and vitamin B1.
Cumin seeds have traditionally been noted to be of benefit to the digestive system. Research has shown that cumin may stimulate the secretion of pancreatic enzymes, compounds necessary for proper digestion and nutrient assimilation.